A Tribute to Mendal Grossman on his Centenary


“From November 27th 2013 to December 28th 2013, I will be posting a Picture a Day for “Thirty Two Days” to celebrate the 32 years that Mendel Grossman lived for”-Born on June 27 1913/Died on April 30 1945

Sadly very little is known about “Mendel Grossman”, who was just beginning to see his passion as a artist and photographer grow but with the invasion of Poland on September 1 1939, his dreams and life like the people in the city of Lodz, a very prominent textile hub in the city of Poland came to grinding halt and crushed them overnight, this post of mine is very personal, my ancestors to come from Poland which I know very little about. Though I never saw what Mendel and his people, or on a closer note what my people went through in the Lodz Ghetto, my friend and brother Mendel Grossman through his Sketches and Photographs captured and preserved it for us before he was deported to the Koeinigs Wusterhausen labor camp, as the Allies approached the Germans sent the prisoners in the camp on a death march, during which Grossman collapsed and died-with the camera still on him.

As I read more about him, kept studying each picture of Mendel Grossman, each frame narrates a story, and his pictures were unique in a sense that he told his close friend to shoot him taking a picture in the Ghetto with his Leica camera, as each day when we see a photograph I would like to urge all of you not to just see it as a photograph but as a historical document and give your contribution to that photograph by saying something about it.

So lets rewind and let us take a journey to discover this great photographer and artist Mendel Grossman who he really was and what his photographs speak about, we may or may not discover everything but whatever we do let us try to see him the way he may have wanted his photographs to be seen.

I am very grateful to Mr Zvi Oren-The Director of “The Photo Archives of the Ghetto Fighter’s House Museum”-in Israel to give me permission to post these pictures shot by Mendel Grossman.



4 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mendal Grossman on his Centenary

  1. Thank you for bringing his works back to this generation . He should never be forgotten , for his pictures are proof of reality that occurred and can never be denied.

  2. Thanks Richard for posting this. It does indeed take great courage in those kind of hostile and hopeless situations to do that kind of a work. May God richly bless you for bringing to light the forgotten works of this unsung hero. I am personally looking forward to view more of his works.

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